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i VERY memory needs a sym- 
bol and a happy memory most of all. 
It is our hope that this book will be 
that symbol. 


Bridgewater, Massachusetts 


Dr. John J. Kelly 


President's Message 

All existence worthy of the name, and all victorious living are 
achieved in terms of the individual. The place to look for a better life, for better 
government and business, for peace among nations and harmony at home is 
inside the individual. 

Inner integrity, courage, sense of humor, strength, and power — these 
we must have to stand up to life. The only way we can be strong enough to 
stand up to this business of living is by rebuilding from within until we have 
the sources of power and leadership and are capable of regulating ourselves. 

The citadel of the fort is always in the center; and so it is with man. 
His personality, his individuality must come from inner control, from self- 
discipline, and from constant watchfulness of mind and spirit. Cynicism, fear, 
worry, low ideals, cowardice are enemies of success, spiritual strength, and vital 
living. When these are driven out, a finer personality is possible. 

Philosophy is something more than a course in your school curricu- 
lum, to be passed and forgotten. It is something each of us has, whether we 
recognize it or not. It is the aggregate of our enthusiasm and prejudices. It is 
the moral code by which we live. It is the equipment we bring to life and the 
response we expect from life. 

Now that you are about to be graduated from Bridgewater and to 
take a more direct part in American society, it may be well for you to take 
inventory of these many elements which determine your outlook as an individual. 
You owe that appraisal not only to yourself but to your fellowmen. 

The strength of the nation rests primarily on the strength of its moral 
character. Upon the teachers rest the responsibility for the development of 
character, intelligence, and appreciations in the young people the world over, 
especially in America where the teachers still enjoy the right to think freely, 
to explore areas of human knowledge, and to develop power of judgment. 

While it is true today, as ever, that teachers must be the masters of 
their subjects, the new and continuously emerging fact is that teachers are 
becoming more fully cognizant of the spiritual and moral character of the child. 
The teacher's opportunities are limitless. The oncoming generation must 
acquire those disciplines essential for individual and group living. 

May I wish you success and happiness as you go forth with a song in 
your hearts, faith in yourself, and a courageous spirit to meet the challenge. 

John J. Kelly, 


Bessie E. Goff 

JL O Miss Bessie E. Goff, who has 
been more than a teacher and librarian 
to us. She has been a true friend — who 
understood our problems and guided us 
with all the interest and ability she pos- 
sessed. For these and many other reasons 
we will long remember her. 


Zo the Class of 1949 

Hearty congratulations on the successful completion of your course 
in preparation for your teaching careers. Members of this class have shown 
marked ability, and the Class of '49 from the State Teachers College at Bridge- 
water should make real contributions to the teaching profession. 

As you step out "on your own" hold to your ideals and ever be 
ready, while holding to the old, to try the new. The old is good, the new should 
be better. Do your part to make it so. 

May the Father of Us All grant you rich blessings in the years ahead. 

Bessie E. Goff 


w K 

, W«l0w|rt.^Mt#| 


XV AOST of our success in 
teaching stems from our experiences 
with teachers. The following men 
and women have given us standards 
by which to judge our own future 


Joseph I. Arnold 

Mary I. Caldwell 
Physical Education 

Julia C. Carter 
Head Librarian 
Library Courses 

Mary M. Crowley 
Supervisor of Art 

Ruth E. Davis 
Director of Training 

John L. Davoren 



Lois L. Decker 
Physical Education 

George Durgin 


Charles E. Foth 

Mrs. Edith Frost 




Bessie E. Gopf 

Assistant Librarian 

Introduction to Education 

E. Irene Graves 
Biological Sciences 

D. Francis Hakrigan 

Katherine Hill 



Paul V. Huffington 


T. Leonard Kelly 


Physical Science 

Olive M. Lovett 

Ruth I. Low 




Iva V. Lutz 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Higgins 
Grade 4 

Helen Hulsman 
Grade 6 

Eleanor L. Kendall 

Sally Mbhrow 
Physical Education 


Physical Education 

Charles B. McMullen 

Tests and Measurements 

S. Elizabeth Pope 
Dean of Women 

Fbieda Rand 
Supervisor of Music 

Robert W. Rucker 

Balfour S. Tyndall 



Evelyn Lindquist 
Principal of Training School 

Mrs. Florence Raymond 
Grade 6 

Louise H. Borchers 
Grade 5 

Doris Sprague 
Grade 5 

Helen Sleeper 
Grade 4 

Elizabeth Hollis 
Grade 3 

Charlotte Thompson 
Grade 3 

Gladys Allen 
Grade 2 

Gertrude Rogers 
Grade 1 

Grace Smith 
Grade 1 

Mary.L-! Marks 

Clement C. Maxwell 

Frederick A. Meier 

Dean of Men 

Physical Education 

Barbara Poe Sefp 
Grade 2 


John J. Kelly 
Joseph I. Arnold 
Mary I. Caldwell 
Julia C. Carter 
Mary M. Crowley 
Ruth E. Davis 
John L. Davoren . 
Lois L. Decker 
George H. Durgin 
Charles E. Foth . 
Edith Bradford Frost 
Bessie E. Goff 
E. Irene Graves . 
D. Francis Harrigan 
M. Katherine Hill 
Paul Huffington . 
T. Leonard Kelly 
Eleanor L. Kendall 
Olive H. Lovett 
Ruth I. Low . 
Iva V. Lutz 
Clement C. Maxwell 
Charles B. McMullen 
Frederick A. Meier 
Sally Merrow 
Mary J. Moriarty 
S. Elizabeth Pope 
Freida Rand . 
Robert W. Rucker 
Balfour S. Tyndall 


Gates House, Bridgewater 

24 Grove Street, Bridgewater 

193 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

49 South Street, Bridgewater 

222 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

318 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

59 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 

21 Church Street, Bridgewater 

. 36 Shaw Road, Bridgewater 

. 68 Shaw Road, Bridgewater 

272 Summer Street, West Somerville 

46 Pearl Street, Hyannis 

237 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

2 Margaret Road, Peabody 

49 South Street, Bridgewater 

143 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 

43 Belcher Avenue, Brockton 

5 Jackson Street, Beverly 

. 36 Shaw Road, Bridgewater 

56 Bennett Street, Bridgewater 

92 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 

11 State Street, Taunton 

Centerville Estate, Hyannisport 

. 28 Stetson Street, Whitman 

74 Beacon Street, Hyde Park 

57 Spring Hill Avenue, Bridgewater 

15 Spring Hill Avenue, Bridgewater 

37 Church Street, Bridgewater 

39 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 

17 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton 


Evelyn P. Lindouist 
Florence Raymond (Mrs.) . 
Helen Hulsman 
Louise M. Borchers 
Doris Sprague 
Helen E. Sleeper . 
Elizabeth M. Higgins (Mrs.) 
Elizabeth Hollis . 
Charlotte M. Thompson 
Gladys L. Allen . 
Barbara Poe Sepp (Mrs.) . 
Gertrude M. Rogers 
Grace E. Smith 
Mary L. Marks 

140 Maple Avenue, Bridgewater 

318 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

799 Montello Street, Brockton 

15 Clarence Avenue, Brockton 

464 High Street, Bridgewater 

37 Church Street, Bridgewater 

49 South Street, Bridgewater 

25 Bates Avenue, South Weymouth 

25 Grove Street, Bridgewater 

38 South Street, Bridgewater 

Maple Avenue, Bridgewater 

49 South Street, Bridgewater 

29 Park Street, Rockland 

37 Church Street, Bridgewater 




,ARELY do four years in a 
person's life bring such valued friends. 
May these pages keep alive for you 
the beginnings of our many friend- 
ships and associations. 



September. 1945. Our freshman year. 

WE REMEMBER : the newness, the strangeness of it all — taking physical 
examinations while we clutched and grabbed at angel robes which were the uniform of 
The day. We remember when the dreaded first day of initiation arrived. We sang, we 
danced, we duck-walked around the campus, we weeded tennis courts, in fact there was 
no limit to our abilities. 

Everyone was considered potential talent by the terrifying sophomores. 
Then at long last, the final day of initiation arrived and we remember the party given us 
by the sophomores. With relieved and happy sighs we wearily untied our grotesque 
coiffures and laid our name-signs aside, and then concentrated on having a most en- 
joyable afternoon with our new friends, the sophomores. 

That year we chose for our class officers: John Berry, president; Alice Holden, 
vice-president; Ann Venti, secretary; and Alan Bates, treasurer. 

We achieved the distinction of being the first freshman class to include vet- 
eran students after the end of the war. John Berry and Walter Gibson were two of the 
first to enter and as the year continued, more men students joined our ranks, and at last 
Bridgewater showed promise of becoming a co-ed college once more. 

In the spring of that year practically every member of the freshman class 
took part in the great musical extravaganza, Freshmania, which was ably organized by 
Walter Gibson. The show was a huge success and we feel that it has provided us with 
many memories for years to come. 

The memories of our freshman year are pleasant ones. We remember the 
W.A.A. Supper Hike where we sang around the campfires in the brisk fall evening; 
Mardi gras with Riviera scenes and brightly costumed dances, and finally the graduation 
exercises of the class of 1946 where we took our places in the ivy-march and felt that 
now we were really a part of the Bridgewater tradition. 

September, 1946 

We entered school as sophomores that fall and we were looking forward to a 
year of memories and achievements that we would hold dear in the future years. 

We elected as officers to lead us through our second year at Bridgewater: 
Ann Venti, president; Rita Fiorentini, vice-president; Alice Holden, secretary; and 
Marie Vincent, treasurer. 

That year we participated in the biennial Gym Jam where we swung our part- 
ners, whirled and dosey-doed, exhibiting our abilities as square-dancers and folk dancers 
before our friends and relatives. We will never forget the confusion when the electricity 

And this year found many men back in college. They were for the most part 
veterans; some of them returning to Bridgewater for a second time and others entering 
for their first year. It was truly fine to see them on campus. 

The spring of our sophomore year found us making plans for another musical 
show. Our sophomore show was called S-Capades, and we hoped that it would even 
surpass the success of Freshmania. Our hopes were fulfilled and everyone pronounced 
it a grand performance. 


We remember taking our turn at initiating the freshmen, struggling through 
sophomore geography and physical science, the Christmas banquet and party, carol 
singing in the rain, the National Grouping sophomore test that we took for long hours 
in the auditorium. 

Again it was the end of May with final exams and graduation swiftly ap- 
proaching. One graduation day as we stood with our oak boughs raised high in honor of 
the class of 1947 we remembered that this had been a wonderful year of memories for 
us at Bridgewater. 

September, 1947 

We again returned to Bridgewater as upperclassmen. We felt certain that 
this was to be a well-remembered year. Our thoughts, and perhaps in many cases fears, 
were centered about Training School. This year we were to leave our studies to actually 
lead a class. At the end of our eight weeks training period we found that many of our 
fears had been ridiculous but there had also been problems that we had never thought of. 
As we left training school most of us felt that we had gained a valuable experience. 

We elected Jean Gillette as president of our class. Her capable assistants 
were Marjorie Knight, vice-president; Alice Holden, secretary; and Claire Danis, 

The most important social event of the year for the junior class was the junior 
weekend which we held in the spring of 1948. Who will forget what fun we had at the 
midnight supper and dance; at the hot dog roast the next day; and at the barn dance with 
which we ended the weekend festivities? 


WE REMEMBER: Training School and silk stockings; the liberal 2.30 per- 
mission after the junior dance; playing baseball at the picnic; Mardi gras, and now the 
campus looked on the beautiful breezy day that was graduation day for the class of 1948. 

Yes, it was time for graduation again and this year we marched in the daisy 
chain. As we marched many of us paused to remember that the next graduation would 
be ours. It seemed unbelievable but we were looking forward to next September when 
we would return to Bridgewater in the enviable position of seniors. 
September, 1948 

At long last we were seniors! Although we were excited and joyful we were 
also a bit sad for this our last year at Bridgewater; the last year for gathering college 

For the second time Jean Gillette became our class president and Marjorie 
Knight was elected vice-president for a second year. Marie McNeill served as secretary, 
and Jack Kelly was our treasurer. 

Now we were in the midst of hectic planning for graduation and its festivities. 
Class meetings, committee meetings, arguments, suggestions, and discussions were a 
result of this planning, but emerging from this chaos we feel there will be a memorable 
round of graduation activities. 

Memories for our senior year include : Arranging the new short hair cuts under 
a graduation cap; three courses with Dr. McMullen; interviews with superintendents; 
senior training period; the excellent coffee served by Miss Pope; and finally, our senior 
banquet and prom, which will be one of the most lasting of our senior memories. 

And as the most important graduation day — our graduation day draws near, 
many of us are looking forward to a new way of life, new horizons to be gained, but we 
will always be able to look back and we'll remember — Bridgewater! 


Dale Allberry 

Likeable, courteous, reserved 


**&% ^u- t f 

John Berry 

Good-natured, friendly, well-dressed 

<<•» \ 



Marjorie Berry 
Quiet, generous, serious 

Ellen Blair 

Soft-spoken, sweet, considerate 

Irene Bouley 

Physical Education 
Conscientious, cheerful, co-operative 

. \.dr ■ 

Gloria Brogi 


Graceful, resourceful, talented 


Sumner Brown 


My, good-natured, unpredictable 

Imogene Brownell 
Gentle, modest, tranquil 

Joan Bull 


Sociable, practical, pert 

Erna Callahan 
Philosophical, concerned, reserved 

Jean Campbell 

Physical Education 
Casual, friendly, athletic 

Clara Candela 
Petite, mischievous, pleasant 

Gertrude Cardoza 

Scholarly, dependable, enthusiastic 

Walter Cavanaugh 

Physical Education 
Reserved, ambitious, affable 

Barbara Chisholm 
Loquacious, sparkling, good-natured 

Marilyn Coelho 
Agreeable, individualistic, talkative 

Barbara Condon 
Witty, capable, sincere 

Irene Costello 

Physical Education 
Modest, tranquil, amiable 


Barbara Crocker 

Physical Education 
Efficient, petite, shy 

Marjorie Cummings 
Co-operative, musical, faithful 

Joan Cunningham 
Dainty, unassuming, well-versed 

Philip Curtis 
Philosophical, dramatic, congenial 

Claire Danis 

Physical Education 
Enthusiastic, idealistic, pleasant 

Paul Daley 


Straight-forward, serious, talkative 

Nathalie Dorman 
Poised, sincere, courteous 

Frank Dunn 


Sophisticated, unpredictable, assured 

Mary Fahey 


Obliging, thoughtful, retiring 

Rita Fiorentini 
Sympathetic, attractive, assured 

Dorothy Fish 
Creative, sophisticated, colorful 

Dorothy Fisher 
Pleasant, tranquil, dependable 

Walter Fitzgerald 
Cheerful, likeable, witty 

Mary Fitzpatrick 
Conscientious, eager, bashful 

Mary Forest 


Vivacious, unaffected, amiable 

William Gault 
Brilliant, interesting, sophisticated 

•J9*,. *%, 

Walter Gibson 

Altruistic, versatile, dependable 

Gloria Gifford 

Physical Education 

Composed, accommodating, capable 

Jean Gillette 


Magnetic, capable, cheerful 

Elaine Girard 
Carefree, unaffected, casual 

Lorraine Gwodz 
Ambitious, intellectual, efficient 

Barbara Harper 
Sweet, ladylike, sincere 

Doris Hartwell 
Stately, assured, quiet 

Doris Haynes 


Talkative, pleasant, resourceful 

Alice Holden 


Generous, competent, soft-spoken 

Loretta-Anne Jeffway 
Striking, ladylike, cordial 

Florence Joseph 
Enthusiastic, sweet, charming 

Kathleen Joyce 
Witty, refined, candid 

John Kelly 

Ambitious, gregarious, adaptable 

Hope Killam 


Modest, resourceful, sweet 

Jacqueline Killan 
Talented, efficient, poised 

Marjorie Knight 

Physical Education 
Determined, frank, capable 

Barbara Leach 
Ambitious, friendly, enthusiastic 

Jean Legg 

Physical Education 
Realistic, brisk, sincere 

Kathleen Leggett 
Petite, practical, nimble 

Leona Liftman 

Energetic, congenial, frank 

Mary MacDougall 
Sweet, conscientious, shy 

Ruth MacLean 
Calm, mature, fastidious 

Barbara McDonald 
Gay, quizzical, generous 

Frances McElroy 
Fun-loving, cordial, sprightly 

Barbara McNamara 
Ladylike, sincere, generous 

Marie McNeil 

Social Studies 
Spontaneous, casual, witty 

Raymond Merry 
Thoughtful, good-natured, intelligent 

Mary Minerva 
Industrious, accommodating, efficient 

Betty Morton 
Refined, serene, modest 

E. Caroline Morton 
Decorous, musical, resolute 

Claire Murphy 

Physical Education 
Loquacious , amiable, exuberant 

Grace Murphy 
Carefree, unaffected, attractive 

Dorothy Murray 
Serious, considerate, enthusiastic 

Donald Nesmith 

Social Studies 

Droll, scholarly, competent 

Marjorie Newton 
Loquacious, intelligent, deliberate 

Wilfred Nolan 
Mischievous, popular, jaunty 


Helene O'Hara 
Lithe, well-dressed, dreamy 


Miriam Osborne 

Physical Education 
Smooth, carefree, agreeable 

Mary Parker 
Naive, generous, amiable 

Jane Plunkett 
Cute, energetic, clever 

Eleanor Raleigh 
Witty, deliberate, frank 

Mae Ranger 
Meticulous, helpful, sincere 

Marie Reynolds 
Frank, industrious, jocund 

Erick Sargent 
Loquacious, athletic, impulsive 

Carol Schneider 
Regal, creative, popular 

Phyllis Schneider 

Physical Education 
Diplomatic, affable, artistic 

Bernice Seavey 
Credulous, determined, studious 

William Sides 

Social Studies 
Bucolic, jolly, frank 

Mary Silvestri 
Witty, popular, talkative 

Sargent Smith 
Pensive, generous, natural 

Howard Soloman 
Argumentative, sincere, considerate 

Irene deSouza 
Exuberant, talented, ambitious 

Laura Lou Startz 
Attractive, likeable, quiet 

Elizabeth Sullivan 
Serene, idealistic, poised 

Edward Sweeney 
Polished, contemplative, cosmopolitan 

Barbara Sykes 

Determined, shy, helpful 

Robert Teahan 
Unaffected, serene, athletic 

Belmira Texiera 

Physical Education 
Good-natured, emphatic, thoughtful 

Merelyn Tobey 
Poised, assured, pleasant 

■^ffw ; ... iWJ^V 

Ann Venti 

Physical Education 
Sweet, placid, gentle 

Marie Vincent 
Ambitious, dignified, reserved 

Louise Wallace 

Idealistic, sympathetic, unperturbable 

Leola Waters 


Charming, soft-spoken, likeable 

Edward Wells 
Artistic, dignified, dreamy 

Elinor Whalen 
Queenly, diplomatic, sweet 

Louise Conant 
Quiet, friendly, sincere 

Kenneth Downey 
Social Studies 
Serious, likeable, pleasant 

Harrold Shipps 
Courteous, friendly, brilliant 

/ 4 


activities supplement our academic 
program and provide an opportunity 
for a great deal of pleasure and enjoy- 
ment. In the following pages we 
have attempted to present a cross 
section of these activities. 

A ctivities 

Standing: Walter Morrison, Marshal Laforet, Sally Mapes, Israel Greenberg, Harry Nickerson 
Seated: Alice Holden, Helene O'Hara, Kathleen Joyce, Marie Vincent 

Alpha Board 

Editor-in-Chief: Helene O'Hara 
Literary Editor: Dorothy Fish 
Business Manager: Rita Fiorentini 
Advertising Manager: Irene deSouza 
Art Editor: Phyllis Schneider 
Photography Editor : Marie Vincent 
Treasurer: Kathleen Joyce 
Secretary: Alice Holden 


Assistant Editor : Israel Greenburg 
Assistant Literary Editor: Harry Nickerson 
Assistant Business Manager: Paul Salley 
Assistant Advertising Manager: Alfred Ma- 

Assistant Art Editor: Sara Mapes 
Assistant Photography Editor: Walter Mor- 
Assistant Treasurer: Robert Lemos 
Assistant Secretary: Betty Opie 


♦). w» ./\ 

Standing: Carol Schneider, Paul Olander, Alice Holden 
Seated: Rhoda Leonard, Jacqueline Killen^Marie. Vincent 

Campus Comment 


Back Row: Elizabeth Mansfield, Janet Dunwoodie, Walter Gibson, Marshal Laforet, 
Walter Morrison, Israel Greenberg, Harry Nickerson, Alice Holden 

Second Row: Nancy Cordingly, Leona Milch, Louise Wallace, Clifton Robinson, Helena 
Hazlett, Nancy Sullivan 

Front Row: Elaine Shore, Jean French, Ann Marie Burke, Elinor Lenon, Catherine Yoyos 

W. A. A. 

Bach Row: Mary Tarlian, Gloria Gifford, Marion Higgins, Marilyn Fitzgerald, Pris- 
cilla Baker, Pauline Pifko, Marion Haley, Virginia Smith, Jean Little- 
field, Marjorie Knight 
Second Row: Irene Bouley, Barbara Crocker, Ann Venti, Jean Campbell, Jean Grant 
Front Row: Sally Mapes, Elaine Doucette, Barbara McNeil, Margaret O'Neil, 
Catherine Sala, Catherine Yoyos 

M. A. A. 

Standing: Sumner Brown, Chester Smolski 
Seated: James Fox, Harry Nickerson. Marshal Laforet, Walter Morrison 

Day Students 

Standing: Alice Lonergan, Mary Parker 
Seated: Marian Tyrell, Ruth Staupas, Patricia Tormey 

Phillips Brooks 

Joy Dawson, Sterling Campbell, Jean Hamilton, Norma Wilcoxson 



Standing: Mary Forrest, Joan Doherty 
Seated: Florence Joseph, Evelyn Eoksuzian 


Standing: Barbara McNamara, Kathleen Joyce 
Seated: Claire Danis, Irene deSouza 

Men's Club 

Robert Firing, Robert Driscoll, James Fox, Wiilard Alden 

Student Fellowship 

Eugene Weiss, Carolyn Morton, Marion Higgins, Catherine Yoyos, Doris Gould 

Newman Club 

Mary Lou Shea, Louise Wallace, Teresa Corcoran 

Menorah Club 

j^B mf 

'^Ml&W"- V r 

i / 


■1 ! 

# v|p3| 




^ w^ ■ ' 


' " I 

1 <f 

Dorothy Green, Marilyn Kline, Charlotte Glovsky 

Glee Club 


Standing: Janice Beaton, Virginia Corey, Barbara Sykes 
Seated: Rosalyn Kolvek, Dorothy Fisher, Irene deSouza 

Margaret Gray, Ruth MacLean, Alan Belcher, Mary Lou Shea, Mary Yankopoulos 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Elinor Whalen, Mary Minerva, Robert Rucker, Lorraine Gwodz, Marie Vincent 

French Club 

Standing: Mary Tarlian, Marie Vincent, Marion Higgins, Mary Minerva 
Seated: Barbara Reynolds, Leon Boudreau, Mary O'Neil 

K. P. Club 

Standing: Marie Repani, Marjorie Berry 
Seated: Sally Mapes, Miss Marks, Leola Waters 

Upper Elementary 

Joan Doherty, Christine Axford, Robert Rucker, Catherine Yoyos, Dorothy Green 

Dramatic Club 

■ *■■ ■ !— r i n an aa 

Gloria Brogi, Paul Olander, Marjorie Torrence 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Standing: Kenneth Downey, John Berry, Raymond Merry, Israel Greenberg, Paul 

Seated: Merelyn Tobey, Gloria Brogi, Jacqueline Killen, Kathleen Leggett 

Dormitory Council 

Standing: Nathalie Dorman, Louise Wallace 
Seated: Phyllis Schneider, Marjorie Knight 


To our advisors, Miss S. Elizabeth Pope, Miss Bessie Goff, Miss Mary 
Crowley, and Doctor Clement C. Maxwell for their genuine interest and advice. We 
also thank Mr. Walter Leach of Roberts Engraving Company and Miss Emma L. 
Branch of Warren Press for their patient service; Jacqueline Killen, Ann Venti, Marshall 
Laforet, and Walter Morrison for the help they have given us; and the senior class for 
its sympathetic understanding of our problems. 

HE year-round sports pro- 
gram at Bridgewater has held a large 
part of our interest. Our best to the 
men and women who made it possible. 



By Izzy Greenburg and Marsh Laforet 

Owing to the necessity of going to 
press before the inception of the baseball 
season, the 1949 Alpha carries the analysis 
of the previous campaign. 

Faced with the usual obstacles of 
few veterans and a slim rank of new candi- 
dates, Coach Knute H. Andersson did a 
magnificent job of molding together an 
aggressive squad of baseballers, who gave a 
creditable account of themselves on the 

Lusty doubles from the bats of Bill 
Ford and Dick Grimley gave local follow- 
ers a chance to cheer, as the Teachers threw 
a scare into the highly touted Suffolk 
University array, in a tight opening battle 
in Waltham. . . . Filled with revenge after 
scoring one-sided wins over Tufts and 
M.I.T., the Suffolk nine invaded Bridge- 
water's Legion Field the following week; 
but for the first seven innings were subdued 
by the skillful twirling of Sargent Smith. 
An unfortunate fielding lapse ruined the 
fine efforts of Ricky Sargent and Happy 
Mazukina; and Smitty's twirling stint 
went to naught as the invading lads eked 
out a 3-2 victory. . . . The two other games 
that were played netted losses due to too 
many errors. 

Despite their losses, the local nine 
displayed a determined, aggressive spirit 
accented by good sportsmanship of the 
field. Playing against more highly or- 
ganized opposition failed to dim the spar- 
kling brilliance of several of the Bridgewater 
performers, including such highlights as: 
Sargent Smith's pitching, Ricky Sargent's 
fielding gems, the fine peppy catching of 
Al Mazukina, the nimble pickups of short- 
stop Bill Ford, and Johnny Hugh's miracle- 
man catches in centerfield. 

Considering the fine showing of the 1948 
squad we are confident that the 1949 
array, inspired by the return of Coach 
Frederick Meier, will splash frequently into 
the win column. 

The 1948 Squad: Pitchers Sargent 
Smith, Ray Lanthier, Robert Teahan, 
Warren Thuotte, and Phil Cleary ; infielders 
James Flanagan, Joe Kudera, Bill Ford, 
Malcolm Dillon, and Bob Lemos; catchers 
Alfred Mazukina and Chester Smolski; 
outfielders John Hughes, Erick Sargent, 
Al Walsh, James Topham, Bob Firing and 
Frank Hennessy. Managers Walter Gib- 
son and Henry Hicks. 


Although struggling hard in many a 
contest, it proved of no avail as the locals 
emerged with no wins. 

B.T.C. succumbed 5-2 to Fitchburg 
on October 5 on opposition territory. 
Pappas and Salley captured honors for the 
day. . . . Durfee barely tripped up the 
Maroon and White by 2-1, October 11, at 
home. George Pappas netted our only 
tally. The strong defensive work of Ricky 
Sargent, Al Mazukina, and Walt Morrison 
staved off a greater edge. . . . Boston wit- 
nessed the Suffolk eleven deliver a 2-0 
knockout blow October 21. Ricky Sargent 
and Paul Salley led the defensive, thus pre- 
venting a further shellacking. . . . Bridge- 
water suffered another setback when New 
Bedford surmounted all barriers to claim 
victory by 6-1, November 1, at New Bed- 
ford. Bernie Miller featured the only goal. 
Other limelighters were Mazukina, Pappas, 
Morrison, and Sweeney. . . . Walt Morrison, 
Paul Salley, and Bill Sides tried to bolster 
up the home morale by leading the war- 
riors with their aggressiveness; but again 
the Teachers registered a 4-0 loss against a 


powerful Durfee group on November 3, 
at Fall River. Joe Gregg, Chet Smolski, 
and Joe Emord proved capable subs. . . . 
November 6 drew the curtains on an un- 
successful soccer season as wins go, but 
truly eventful as was demonstrated when 
Bridgewater gave everything in their last 
battle with Suffolk on lower campus. 


Despite the efforts of Mother Na- 
ture, Director Walter Gibson managed to 
put on an extensive intramural football 
program which found a total o f thirty- 
eight lads participating. An aggressive 
"Packers" group, paced by Captain War- 
ren Thuotte and Sam Gomes, subdued 
Captain Johnny Hughes' "Rockets" and 
acting Captain Mai Dillon's "Bears" to 
cop the imaginary crown. Highlights of the 
season were the amazing "Rocket" passing 
combine of Ricky Sargent to Bob Lemos 
and the brilliant broken field running of 
the two "Bear" stars, Bill Ford and Joe 
Gregg. Dan Cagnina proved an experi- 
enced and capable arbiter by keeping the 
games running smoothly at a rapid pace. 

Encouraged by the excellent results 
produced by appointing a Director of Intra- 
mural Activities, President Marshall La- 
foret and the M.A.A. Board authorized 
permanent appointments for Director Gib- 
son and his assistant George Pappas. This 
move guarantees a uniform and permanent 
system of intramurals, thus allowing more 
men to participate in the athletic program. 
Plans for a complete round of interclass 
basketball and softball games have been 
put into effect. 


Coach Frederick A. Meier picked up 
where he left off, after a year's absence, by 

molding B.T.C.'s basketball team into 
dynamic form for the coming season. A 
preliminary tournament between the Alum- 
ni and the Teachers showed the mettle of 
the latter. Hopes for a successful season 
were seen in the shining performances of 
such veteran players of last year's squad as 
Bob Teahan, Ricky Sargent, Sargent 
Smith, Jim Flanagan, Joe Kuder, Marsh 
Douthart, and Al Mazukina. Harold 
Bodle, a newcomer to Bridgewater, but not 
to basketball is promising first string ma- 
terial. Experienced J.V. material is aptly 
demonstrated in George Pappas, Marsh La- 
foret, Mai Dillon, Chet Smolski, Will Ford, 
and Bob Firing. Candidates Sam Gomes, 
Dick Stokinger, Don Bates, Paul Kelley, 
Don Morey, Bob Carter, Michael Sullivan, 
Jim McCarthy, and Ray Lemieux round 
out the squad. Several of the previous 
mentioned may prove to make good varsity 
material; Sam Gomes and Dick Stokinger 
look especially promising. 

Alumni Succumbs 

The Red and White claimed a vic- 
tory in their first encounter when the 
Alumni were forced to acquiesce. 47-35 on 
November 20. Judging from the smooth 
clicking teamwork and veteran experience 
shown, Bridgewater can look forward to a 
good season. 

An early deadline permits Alpha 
little but to mention the schedule for the 
season, including eight home games and 
seven contests away, one held in the Boston 
Garden against Westfield Teachers, Jan- 
uary 11, 1949. The opponents included: 
Durfee, Salem, Bryant, Fitchburg, Suffolk, 
New Bedford, Westfield, Curry, and Wor- 


Frederick A. Meier 


A fine example to the men in his 
high ideals of sportsmanship, Coach Fred- 
erick A. Meier has made a welcome return 
to B.T.C., after completing graduate work 
for a doctor's degree in health education 
at the University of Indiana. 

Active in all varsity sports at Bos- 
ton College, his Alma Mater, he also par- 
ticipated in semi-pro baseball and football. 
A man of wide experience and numerous 
accomplishments, Mr. Meier has instructed 
(just to mention a few) football, basket- 
ball, baseball, tennis, and track. 

A chance to travel was made oppor- 
tune when our coach went overseas in 1942 
and acquired seven battle stars by the time 
of his discharge Christmas Day, 1945. He 
now holds the rank of major in the Reserve. 

When allowed to squeeze out some 
spare time from being Dean of Men, science 

professor, and Athletic Director, Fred 
Meier likes to indulge in sailing. 


Intramural basketball got off to a 
good start this year with a grouping of six 
teams organized along a divisional basis. 
Fred Nolan captained the senior team, the 
"Bombers." The juniors boasted of the 
powerful "Steamrollers" under Paul Salley 
and the aggressive "Celtics" led by Warren 
Cooke. Dan Cagnina and Warren Thuotte 
kept the sophomores in the league with 
their "Capitols" and "Knickerbockers." 
The sole freshman team was skillfully 
handled by Bill Sullivan, whose "Bullets" 
put up a good fight. 

The program was handled by cap- 
able referees Al Mazukina, Joe Kudera, 
Bill Gault, and Marsh Laforet. Basket- 
ball, one of the "Big Three" in intramurals 
(the others being football and softball), 


provided copious fun, exercise, and relaxa- 
tion for those individuals who lacked the 
time to participate in varsity athletics. 


An impressive ceremony was held 
on "Sports Night" in May, when President 
John J. Kelly, assisted by Athletic Director 
Frederick Meier, presented- charms and 
award certificates to those members of the 
senior class who had qualified. This 
presentation marked the initial use of the 
new policy inaugurated by President Mar- 
shall Laforet and the M.A.A. Board. 
Under the new standardized system of 
award, a charm will be presented to those 
athletes who have accrued four varsity 
credits, and a certificate will be issued for 
each varsity credit received. Those sen- 
iors who have qualified as we go to press 
include : 

Recipients of Charms 

Erick Sargent — Soccer, Basketball and 

Walter Gibson — Manager of Soccer, Bas- 
ketball, and Baseball 

Bob Teahan — Basketball and Baseball 

Bill Gault — Soccer and Basketball 

Bill Sides — Soccer 

Fred Nolan — Soccer and Basketball 

Recipients of Certificates 

John Berry — Soccer and Tennis 

Jack Kelly — Tennis 

Sargent Smith — Basketball and Baseball 

Howard Solomon — Soccer 

Edward Sweeney — Soccer and Basketball 



By Ann Venti 

The women of Bridgewater are an 
active and athletic group. W.A.A. records 
prove this. When fall rolls around and 
college commences, the townfolk of Bridge- 
water see a familiar sight. Students 
weighted down with suitcases and tennis 
racquets and other sport equipment come 
back for another year of study with some 
time out for recreation and fun. Let's 
take a look at lower campus some sunny, 
fall afternoon. Does that hockey field look 
small? It really isn't. Just ask the teams 
that finished playing that fast game. 
"Midge" Knight did a fine job as director 
and does as fine a job playing on the field. 
Some outstanding wielders of the hockey 
stick are Ruth Anderson, Louise Mariani, 
Jean Legg, Beverly Pottern, Helen Kudlic, 
Jane Cliggott, and Claire Murphy. Our 
college sent a team to participate in a play- 
day at Wellesley. Jean Campbell was 
picked to be on the Second All Boston 
Team, position, right halfback. 

Pauline Pifko, better known as 
"Pif", kept beginners and advanced players 
in tennis busy on the courts. Honor 
credits in this sport went to Irene Bouley, 
Dot Petrie, Jean Cappaluzzo, Helen Kud- 
ic, Rhoda Leonard, and Virginia Smith. 

Even though archery is an old sport, 
it is still popular and has many followers. 
Marion Higgins hit the bullseye with the 
fine job she did on the range as director. 
It may look easy to shoot an arrow and hit 
the target, but believe me, those who par- 
ticipate know it requires skill and calm, 
steady nerves. Dot Szafer, Sally D'Amelio, 
Carolyn Lorman, Adele Cebula, Barbara 
Rosenblatt and Marjorie Simmons are our 
feminine Robin Hoods. 

It was good to see that volleyball 
had a large following this year. This has 

been one sport which hasn't been too popu- 
lar with the girls in the past years for no 
apparent reason. Its success this year we 
attribute to the wise and careful planning 
of Gloria Gifford, the director. 

The annual fall Supper Hike is 
looked forward to each year. Girls in their 
dungarees and sport shirts usually hike to 
the sand pits for an outdoor "weenie" roast, 
for talking, laughing, singing, and enter- 
tainment. This year, because of the threat 
of fires, the Supper Hike was held in the 
gym. This didn't dampen any spirits and 
a most wonderful time was had by all who 
attended. Mary Tarlian deserves a large 
share of the credit for making the affair a 

When the second eight weeks of col- 
lege rolls around lower campus looks de- 
serted and the gym is bustling with activi- 
ties. Basketball, modern dance, social 
dancing, and folk dancing occupy the most 

Basketball enrolls the greatest num- 
ber of students during the winter months. 
It takes a good eye to sink those shots, but 
W.A.A. teams have many girls who can 
do it. 

Modern dance is taught to beginners 
and advanced by Claire Klein. Ruth Alice 
Henderson capably taught the first group 
of dancers while Training School kept 
Claire busy. 

There is also a Modern Dance Club 
in the college that picks its members from 
the W.A.A. group. 

Some of the other activities offered 
are swimming at the Y.W.C.A. in Brock- 
ton, bowling and miscellaneous sports, 
which include shuffleboard and ping-pong. 

In addition to a varied sports pro- 
gram, W.A.A. offers some social affairs to 
its members. At the time of this writing 


a Barn Dance in conjunction with M.A.A. 
was being planned. 

Votes of praise go to Jean Grant and 
"Ginger" Smith, both of the W.A.A. board. 
Jean and her committee quickly and effi- 
ciently organized tryouts for cheerleaders. 
Those chosen for 1948-49 were Joan Bull, 
Kay Sala, Ruth Alice Henderson, Virginia 
Knight, Ruth Anderson, Marion Murphy, 
and Marie Mulcahy. 

Many students who stay at college 
over the week ends wish that the gym 
could be opened and used. If this use of 
the gym does come about the large share 
of the credit would go to Ginger who sug- 
gested the idea and who worked on the 
committee to help bring it about. 

The year 1948 was the Silver Jubilee 
Year at our college for W.A.A. One of the 

highlights which helped celebrate it was 
the Women's Athletic Conference. Dele- 
gates from all Massachusetts State Teach- 
ers Colleges were on campus to have a 
wonderful week end, thanks to the grand 
co-operation of both the men and women 
students of Bridgewater. 

Comes spring and the big event is 
the annual W.A.A. banquet. This is really 
a wonderful affair. Unity is felt every- 
where, for every woman student in the col- 
lege is a member of W.A.A., and everyone 
who possibly can attends the banquet. 
Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have 
more banquets toward which they may 
look forward. For seniors its their last, 
but they leave with many happy thoughts 
and memories of the games they've played, 
and the wonderful times they've had with 
their best friends. 


S.6.A. formal with 


Kickey and pan 



HE warmth of our college 
depends on our undergraduates. Here 
is a record of those who are main- 
taining its life and standards. 




Senior Directory 

Berry, John R., Jr 34 Tuttle Street, Fall River 

Berry, Marjorie E 2 Pond Street, Hingham 

Blair, Ellen G 20 Argle Avenue, Brockton 

Bouley, Irene A 64 Crane Avenue, Dalton 

Brogi, Gloria M Cambridge Road, Burlington 

Brown, Sumner N 45 Morgan Street, New Bedford 

Brownell, Imogene Drift Road, South Westport 

Bull, Joan 73 Canterbury Road, Springfield 

Callahan, Erna J 44 Blue Hill Terrace, Milton 

Campbell, Jean L. 29 Jefferson Street, Taunton 

Candela, Clara D East Street, Wrentham 

Cavanaugh, Walter, Jr 225 Elm Street, North Attleboro 

Cardoza, Gertrude 108 Denton Street, Extension, Brockton 

Chisholm, Barbara G 46 Sunset Avenue, West Bridgewater 

Coehlo, Marilyn B 44 Sinnott Street, West Bridgewater 

Conant, Louise N. 55 Tonager Street, Arlington 

Condon, Barbara L 27 Elm Avenue, Brockton 

Costello, Irene M 15 Middlesex Street, North Andover 

Courtney, Katherine V 12 Waldeck Street, Dorchester 

Crocker, Barbara A 6 Elmer Street, Brockton 

Cummings, Marjorie L 27 Vesey Street, Brockton 

Cunningham, Joan F 149 Liberty Street, Randolph 

Curtis, Philip G., Jr South Yarmouth 

Danis, Claire N 675 Penn Street, Fall River 

Dorman, Natalie J 64 Cliff Avenue, Winthrop 

Downey, Kenneth Morin Avenue, Swansea 

Dunn, Frank F 308 Main Street, Bridgewater 

Fahey, Mary L. . . . . ■ . . . 431 North Main Street, Randolph 

Fiorentini, Rita B 8 Garfield Street, Haverhill 

Fish, Dorothy L. Craigville Beach Road, Centerville 

Fisher, Dorothy J School Street, Edgartown 

Fitzgerald, Walter J. 23 Scott Street, Fall River 

Fitzpatrick, Mary L 95 Cross Street, Brockton 

Forrest, Mary E. 173 Beech Avenue, Melrose 

Gault, William 37 Russell Street, Plymouth 

Gibson, Walter D Damon's Point, Marshfield 

Gifpord, Gloria A 23 East Main Street, Brockton 

Gillette, Jean E. 128 Clifton Road, Brockton 

Girard, Elaine Clifford Road, Plymouth 

Gwodz, Lorraine M 21 Clarence Street, South Dartmouth 

Harper, Barbara B 96 Beaulah Street, Whitman 

Hartwell, Doris E 409 Main Street, Acton 

Haynes, Doris M 32 Franklin Street, Milford 

Holden, Alice M. 405 Tarkiln Hill, New Bedford 

Jefpway, Loretta-Anne ......... 17 Park Street, Easthampton 

Joseph, Florence B . 142 Hillside Avenue, Arlington 

Joyce, Kathleen M Draper Avenue, North Attleboro 

Kelley, John J., Jr Cedar Street, Bridgewater 

Killan, Hope A 306 Union Street, Braintree 


Killen, Jacqueline M. 

Knight, Mabjorie L. 

Leach, Babbara J. 

Legg, Jean D. 

Leggett, Kathleen M. 

Liftman, Leona B. 

MacDougall, Mary F. 

MacLean, RnTH M. 

McDonald, Babbara I. 

McElroy, Frances E. 

McNamara, Barbara A 

McNeil, Marie L. 

Merry, Raymond B. 

Minerva, Mary C. 

Morton, Betty G. 

Morton, E. Caroline 

Murphy, Claire K. 

Murphy, Grace L. 

Murray, Dorothy F. 

Nesmith, Donald C. 

Newton, Marjorie H. 
—Nolan, Wilfred A. 

O'Hara, Helene 

Osborne, Miriam D. 

Parker, Mary M. 

Plunkett, Jane A. 

Raleigh, Eleanor L. 

Ranger, May I. 

Reynolds, Marie . 

Sargent, Erick K. 

Schneider, Carol I. 

Schneider, Phyllis A. 

Seavey, Berniece R. 

Shipps, Harrold S., Jr. 

Sides, William B. . 

Silvestri, Mary A. 

Smith, Sargent D. 

Solomon, Howard M. 

Startz, Laurie L. . 

Sullivan, Elizabeth 

Sweeney, Edward F. 

Sykes, Barbara J. . 
_, Teahan, Robert S. 

Teixeira, Belmira A. 

Tobey, Merelyn A. 

Venti, Ann M. 

Vincent, Marie T. 

Wallace, Louise T. 

Waters, Leola N. . 

Whalen, Elinor A. 

Wells, Edward M. 

2 India Street, Nantucket 
34 Mt. Pleasant Street, Plymouth 
11 Holbrook Avenue, Brockton 
Winter Street, West Hanover 
169 Perkins Avenue, Brockton 
93 Maverick Street, Chelsea 
. 167 Leydon Road, Brockton 
166 South Street, Bridge water 
291 Maple Street, Fall River 
106 South Main Street, Randolph 
106 Locust Street, Fall River 
16 Crawford Road, South Braintree 
Pembroke Street, Kingston 
27 William Street, Brockton 
72 Sutton Street, North Andover 
48 Southbourne Road, Jamaica Plain 

33 Winifred Road, Brockton 
41 Leavitt Street, Brockton 

253 Hillman Street, New Bedford 

. 1156 Main Street, Brockton 

. Washington Street, Duxbury 

60 Sagamore Street, Dorchester 

77 Petty Plain Road, Greenfield 

Main Street, Norwell 

43 Belmont Street, Rockland 

23 Bridge Street, North Easton 

County Road, Bourne 

216 Warren Street, Fall River 

51 Holmes Street, North Quincy 

105 East Street, North Attleboro 

Walnut Street, Riverside, Gill 

Walnut Street, Riverside, Gill 

35 Hartwell Street, Dorchester 

Wareham Road, Marion 

. 101 Main Street, North Hanover 

148 Florence Street, Brockton 

706 West Main Street, Avon 

16 Plymouth Street, Brockton 

45 Dedham Street, Wrentham 

57 Brattle Street, Arlington 

81 Hommand Street, Belmont 

590 Shawmut Avenue, New Bedford 

10 Keefe Avenue, Holyoke 

34 Sherman Street, Roxbury 
21 Oakland Road, Stoughton 

8 Mason Street, Brockton 

11 Winter Avenue, Taunton 

. 652 Union Street, New Bedford 

1006 Kempton Street, New Bedford 

73 Euclid Avenue, Springfield 

41S Pleasant Street, Milton 


Standing: Paul Salley, Robert Lemos 
Seated: Rhoda Leonard, Janet Beaton 

Class of 1951 

Class of 1952 

Vice President 

Joseph Driscoll President 

Pauline O'Sullivan Vice President 

Marjorie Torrence Secretary 

Ralph Desjardins Treasurer 

Charles McDonald 

Rita O'Neil 

William Sullivan 

Douglas Barrows 


Junior Directory 

Adams, Della . 
Alden, Willabd 
Allberry, Dale 
Axford, Christine 
Bair, Barbara M. 
Baker, Priscilla 
Bates, Alan E. 
Beaton, Janet 
Berry, Carol P. 
Bishop, Theresa L. 
Bodwicz, Frederick R. 
Brandt, Roberta 
Callahan, John J. 
Cassidy, Margaret S. 
Ciampa, Marie A. . 
Clark, Marilyn C. 
Clough, Carolyn E. 
Cooke, Warren S. 
Corcoran, Theresa M. 
Correia, Mary 
Coutavas, Pauline 
Crocker, Theodore E. 


Dawson, Joyce M. 
Dickie, Paul 
Doherty', Joan 
Doucette, Elaine . 
Driscoll, Robert E. 
Dumoracki, Lottie A. 
Eoksuzian, Evelyn M. 
Fekkes, Dorothy A. 
Finn, Eleanor M. . 
Firing, Robert W. 
Fiske, Marjorie 
Fitzgerald, Marilyn A. 
Fitzmaurice, Ann B. 
Fleming, Richard 
Flynn, Mary E. 
Fyfe, Claire C. 
Gaudette, Margaret 
Gildea, Marion T. 
Grant, Jean . 
Gray, Margaret . 
Greenberg, Israel 
Gullich, Barbara A. 
Gustapson, Frederick W. 
Haley, Marion F. . 
Hall, Barbara 
Hamilton, Jean 
Hazlett, Helena 
Hennessy, Francis J. 
Higgins, Marion R. 
Hill, Kathleen E. 
Hovey, Richard B. 
Hughes, John . 
Jenkins, Margaret 
Kambour, Marilyn 
Kiernan, Albert 
Kiernan, Warren 
Klein, Claire 
Kline, Marilyn 
Knight, Virginia J. 
Kolvek, Roselyn C. 

1133 Pleasant Street, Bridge water 

Box 97, Harding 

27 Worth Street, Fairhaven 

Washington Street, Plymouth 

Dudley Hill, Dudley 

24 Everett Street, Lynn 

36 Bates Avenue, South Weymouth 

450 Main Street, Wareham 

2303 Turnpike Street, North Andover 

. 195 Riverneck Road, Chelmsford 

29 Grapo Street, Bridgewater 

28 Shaw Street, North Weymouth 

130 Bedford Street, New Bedford 

66-B Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain 

98 Palmer Street, Arlington 

63 Plymouth Street, North Abington 

128 Lincoln Street, West Medway 

96 Warren Street, Medford 

2 Woodward Park Street, Dorchester 

373 Main Street, North Easton 

High Street, Haverhill 

15 Columbia Street, Brockton 

15 Trescott Street, Dorchester 

125 Parker Street, Lowell 

51 Ronald Road, Arlington 

762 Bay Street, Taunton 

Keith Avenue, Lakeville 

70 Pine Street, North Abington 

25 Bunker Avenue, Brockton 

120 Lovell Road, Watertown 

240 Randolph Street, South Weymouth 

59 Park Street, Andover 

468 Walnut Street, West Bridgewater 

Glen Echo Road, Stoughton 

83 Ashton Avenue, Boston 

93 High Harth Road, Arlington 

291 Tremont Street, Taunton 

2211 South Main Street, Fall River 

314 Nahatan Street, Norwood 

188 Spring Street; Hanson 

17 West Forest Street, Lowell 

Shore Road, Pocasset 

44 French Street, Fall River 

18 Grosvenor Street, Springfield 

180 Walpole Street, Norwood 

199 Middle Street, East Weymouth 

. 84 Emory Street, Attleboro 

. 5 Circuit Avenue, Wareham 

44 Maple Street, Needham 

66 Walcott Avenue, East Walpole 

200 South Street, Bridgewater 

5 Waltham Street, Lexington 

43 Jacob Street, Brockton 

Tahottawan Road, Littleton 

32 New Bedford Street, Hyde Park 

253 Green Street, Fairhaven 

15 Beacon Street, Walpole 

River Street, Halifax 

River Street, Halifax 

25 Supple Road, Dorchester 

14 Glenwood Street, Lynn 

38 Balcomb Street, Salem 

25 Judson Street, Springfield 


Kudera, Joseph A. 
Kudlic, Helen A. . 
La Belle, Jeanette R 
LaForet, Marshall J. 
LaPierre, M. Jeanne 
Larson, Ruth . 
Lemes, Robert 
Lenon, Margaret E. 
Leonard, Margaret 
Leonard, Rhoda A. 
Lindahl, June E. . 
Lonergan, Alice R. 
Loughlin, Rita 
MacLean, Donald R. 
Maguire, Jean M. 
Mann, Charles L. 
Mapes, Sara A. 
Margozzi, Eugene 
Marr, Marie J. 
Matulis, Lena V. . 
Mazukina, Alfred 
Meagher, Mary E. 
McMullen, Elizabeth J. 
Migliorati, Nora . 
Milch, Leona M. 
Miller, Burnham 
Moore, Dorothy N. 
Morrison, Walter K. 
Nickerson, Harry N. 
Novick, Charlotte 
Oakley, Mary E. 
O'Byrne, Lucelle A. 
O'Hearn, Angela . 
Olander, Paul A. . 
Olenick, Barbara T. 
Olliff, Doreen M. 
O'Neill, Margaret L. 
O'Neill, Mary E. . 
Opie, Betty O. 
Pappas, George J. . 
Parkinson, Jean . 
Perkins, Dorothy R. 
Perrow, Jeanne 
Pifko, Pauline A. 
Pike, Gay 

Reynolds, Barbara E 
Robinson, Clifton L. 
Ruben, Thelma R. 
Sala, Catherine A. 
Salley, Paul V. 
Shea, Mary L. 
Silva, Mary . 
Simmons, Lois 
Sinclair, E. Carolyn 
Smith, Roberta C 
Stratton, Ann N. . 
Sullivan, Nancy . 
Tarlian, Mary L. 
Tessier, Eileen 
Thornton, Betty M. 
Tormey, Patricia E. 
Tyrrell, Marian C. 
Weinstein, David 
Welch, Mary T. . 
Wilcoxson, Norma J. 
Yoyos, Catherine . 
Zimmerman, Mildred M 

19 Springdale Avenue, Saugus 

6 West Avenue, Ludlow 

21 Beaver Street, Brockton 

. 46 Francis Street, Waltham 

167 Manchester Street, Fall River 

25 Station Street, Quincy 

Horseneck Road, Dartmouth 

105 Warren Road, Swansea 

182 Sherman Street, Canton 

204 Centre Street, Somerset Center 

142 George Street, Arlington 

23 Olive Street, Brockton 

645 Main Street, Watertown 

166 South Street, Bridgewater 

35 Lawrence Street, Haverhill 

78 Beulah Street, Whitman 

608 Bridge Street, North Weymouth 

17 Ditmar Street, North Quincy 

20 Carey Street, Rockland 

45 Arthur Street, Brockton 

30 Cottage Street, Bridgewater 

140 O'Callaghan Way, South Boston 

58 Park Street, New Bedford 

960 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

62 Mariposa Street, Mattapan 

526 Manning Street, Needham 

195 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 

45 Tavern Road, Waltham 

Box 158, West Dennis 

17 Bartlett Crescent, Brookline 

15 Summer Street, Leominster 

386 Pleasant Street, Brockton 

. 192 Winthrop Street, Fall River 

. 481 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 

. 262 Field Street, Brockton 

Center Street, South Easton 

15 Jason Terrace, Arlington 

22 Farrington Street, Arlington 

82 President Street, Lynn 

85 Harrison Avenue, Woburn 

32 Linden Avenue, Fairhaven 

. 27 Hartford Street, Bedford 

64 Unicorn Avenue, East Weymouth 

20 Bay View Avenue, Fairhaven 

Jackson Street, Saugus 

53 Windsor Street, Arlington 

23 Plain Street, Brockton 

74 Floyd Street, Dorchester 

358 High Street, Bridgewater 

49 Essex Street, Revere 

862 Robeson Street, Fall River 

63 Oak Street, Taunton 

121 Lincoln Avenue, North Dighton 

49 Pearl Street, Springfield 

Ingell Street, Taunton 

140 Court Street, Plymouth 

52 Forest Street, Fall River 

90 South Merrill Street, Bradford 

5 Mather Street, Dorchester 

793 Washington Street, Brookline 

19 Gibbons Street, Weymouth 

8 Oakdale Street, Brockton 

33 Wildwood Street, Dorchester 

418 Pleasant Street, Milton 

Warren Street, Great Barrington 

10 Days Lane, Webster 

34 Tremont Street, Cambridge 


Sophomore Directory 

Acobn, Barbara L 71 Cliff Street, Quincy 

Apps, Veronica 212 Old Colony Avenue, Swampscott 

Austin, Phyllis A Fuller Street, Middleboro 

Baines, Margaret M 43 County Street, New Bedford 

Barrah, William H., Jr 2038 County Street, Somerset 

Baker, Ralph W., Jr. Main Street, Lakeville 

Barry, Barbara 275 Park Street, Arlington 

Belcher, Allan K., Jr 179 Whitman Street, East Bridgewater 

Bentley, Jean Marie 35 Prospect Street, Weymouth 

Benz, Elizabeth 2 Lodge Road, Belmont 

Bernier, Mary Eileen 19 Ruth Street, New Bedford 

Bleatj, Dorothy T 3 Pearl Street, North Dighton 

Blottman, Ruth 220 Slater Street, Attleboro 

Boudreau, Leon 167 Whittenton Street, Taunton 

Bradford, Beverly 40 Faulkner Road, Braintree 

Bradshaw, Elizabeth 414 Belmont Street, Fall River 

Braga, Mildred 15 Fisher Street, Taunton 

Bragg, Isabelle N 10 Bloomfield Street, Dorchester 

Cagnina, Salvatore D 5 McCabe Court, Woburn 

Calnan, Ida M 54 Holliston Street, Medway 

Campbell, Sterling C. 45 Carruth Street, Dorchester 

Cappellizzo, Jean 7 Hayes Avenue, Greenfield 

Carr, Marjorie E . 253 Market Street, Brockton 

Carter, Robert S 32 Roosevelt Road, South Weymouth 

Casey, Robert J., Jr 117 Summer Street, Weymouth 

Cebula, Adele 518 Coggeshell Street, New Bedford 

Cedrone, Cesidio L 184 West Street, Quincy 

Chaplain, Carol 249 North Main Street, Middleboro 

Chapman, Priscilla E . . . 110 Union Street, Holbrook 

Chase, Maude W. County Road, Eastham 

Cliggot, E. Jane Main Street, Cotuit 

Collins, Jean M. 36 Oxford Street, Arlington 

Cooke, Marie Christine 18 Taylor Street, Amherst 

Corcoran, Marie 6 Valley Road Extension, Milton 

Cordingley, Ann T 98 Park East, Lowell 

Corey, Virginia Anne 25 Harding Avenue, Belmont 

Cornell, Patricia 19 Library Street, Revere 

Costa, Lawrence J 26 Hale Street, Bridgewater 

Creedon, Walter G 29 Lewis Avenue, Arlington 

Cummings, Martha E 27 Vesey Street, Fairhaven 

Dadian, Margaret 815 Central Street, Lowell 

Dawes Dorothy J 480 Lebanon Street, Melrose 

Daly Thomas J 260 Pratt Avenue, Somerset Center 

Desjardins, G. Ralph . . 76 Topham Street, New Bedford 

Devine, Thomas C 42 Field Street, Brockton 

Dillon, Malcolm G 22 Janvrin Avenue, Revere 

Diniz, Rosanna F 1167 Cove Road, New Bedford 

Doherty, Mary Joan Cedar Street, Bridgewater 

Dougall, Joan C „ Point Road, Marion 

Douthart, Thomas M Main Street, West Falmouth 

Doyle, Beatrice M 23 Chester Street, Arlington 

Driscoll, Joseph C 4 Beaver Dam Road, Scituate 

Dudgeon, Faith Tobey Lane, Mattapoisett 

Dunn Harold 161 Ash Street, West Bridgewater 

Dunn' Lois C 21 Grove Street, Bridgewater 

Dunn| Noreen 26 Walnut Street, Palmer 

Dunw'oodie, Jane E 6 Elm Avenue, Fairhaven 

Dyer Pearl South Street, Bridgewater 

Ellis' Helen C. 842 South Franklin Street, Brookfield 

Ennis' John R 84 McLennan Street, Amherst 

Fantini, Mildred P 43 Wilson Street, Haverhill 

Fellini, Jacqueline 35 Albion Street, Rockland 

Ferguson, Joan 269 Sea Street, Hyannis 

Finnegan, William M 90 Franklin Street, Chelsea 

Flanagan, James A. ^ _, ^ ai _ New Bedford 

Flynn Rita 104 South Street, Bridgewater 

Fontinha, Rose S. '. 85 Winter Street, Taunton 

Ford, Willard H. 
Fox, James W. 
Gaw, Shirley 
Gerard, John A. 
Gleekman, Wallace 
Glovsky, Charlotte 
Goddard, Mildred C. 
Goldman, Burton D. 
Goodhue, Barbara 
Gorman, Elinor 
Gouchberg, Beatrice 
Gould, Doris E. 
Goyetche, Doris . 
Green, Dorothy M. 
Gregg, Joseph B. 
Gregory, Christopher 
Gropper, Betsy 
Hanson, Margery A. 
Harris, Jean E. 
Hart, Margaret J. 
Hart, Mary T. 
Hay, Beverly R. . 
Haydon, Janice 
Hayes, Mary Theresa 
Henderson, Ruth A. 
Haverly, Diane 
Hicks, Henry F., Jr. 
Higgins, Beatrice M. 
Higgins, Norma 
Holub, Barbara Anne 
Jackman, Barbara A. 
James, Richard W. 
Jerrard, Joseph G. 
Johnson, Richard L. 
Joyce, Kathleen I. 
Joyce, Mary T. 
Kaplan, Carol L. . 
Kelliher, Kathleen 
Kelly, Paul F. 
Kemp, Gertrude L. 
LaBelle, Doris E. 
Lanthier, Raymond T. 
Legere, Marilyn E. 
Lemieux, Raymond C. 
Lindell, Beverly . 
llttlepield, jean ann 
Lynch, Jean M. 
Lyons, Rita H. 
Mack, Theresa P. . 
Mahoney, Jane 
Mansfield, Elizabeth Ann 
McAdams, Alberta C. 
McAloon, Mary Alice 
McGee, Anne F. 
McKinnon, Kathryn 
McNeill, Barbara M. 
Megas, Demetrios 
Messier, Barbara A. 
Melutis, Marjorie 
Mundt, Jacqueline 
Noonan, JoAnn M. 
O'Donnell, Dorothy 
O'Neill, Patricia . 
Oh an, Harry . 
Olney, Elizabeth . 
Osterman, John A. 
O'Sullivan, Pauline 
Palladino, Joseph 
Peach, Claire E. . 
Peebles, Virginia L. 
Petrie, Dorothy I. 

266 West Main Street, Avon 

Franklin Street, Halifax 

15 Cove Street, New Bedford 

1163 Summer Street, Bridge water 

20 McLellan Street, Dorchester 

I Erie Street, Swampseott 
1289 Pleasant Street, East Weymouth 

20 Sutton Street, Mattapan 

Middleboro Road, East Freetown 

41 Lakeview Avenue, South Braintree 

109 Johnson Street, Lynn 

R.F.D. No. 2, Shelburne Falls 

2 Myrtle Street, Gloucester 

267 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester 

3 Bow Street, Taunton 

164 Spring (East) Avenue, Avon 

Intervale 140, Roxbury 

568 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 

60 Marlboro Street, Wollaston 
West Main Street, Hyannis 
West Main Street, Hyannis 

77 Dale Street, Waltham 

43 Hedge Street, Fairhaven 

90 Elmer Road, Dorchester 

6 Thirteenth Street, Attleboro 

436 Main Street, Hyannis 

452 Division Street, Fall River 

60 Summer Street, Plymouth 

144 Larch Road, Cambridge 

36 Reedsdale Road, Milton 

363 State Road, North Dartmouth 

91 Tilton Avenue, Brockton 

20 Benson Street, Whitman 

151 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton 

293 Forest Avenue, Brockton 

2 Maple Street, Dorchester 

142 Sutherland Road, Brighton 

Ashland Street, Taunton 

349 North Avenue, Rockland 

II Pine Avenue, Brockton 
20 Beaver Street, Brockton 

57 Tiffany Street, Attleboro 
35 Corinthian Road, West Somerville 

61 Van Buren Street, Taunton 
Bernardston Road, Greenfield 

346 Eastern Avenue, Lynn 
8 South Street, Randolph 

35 Snell Street, Holbrook 
182 Dean Street, Norwood 
53 Church Street, Cambridge 
132 Central Street, Athol 
3 Bliss Street, Taunton 
72 Lynde Avenue, Melrose 
80 Holmes Avenue, Dorchester 
204 Main Street, Melrose 
114 Rock Street, Lowell 
967 Commercial Street, East Weymouth 
136 Arthur Street, Brockton 
34 Lakeview Avenue, South Braintree 
21 Frothingham Street, Lowell 
43 DeWolfe Street, New Bedford 
73 Fletcher Street, Roslindale 
Adams Lane, Holbrook 
567 Lincoln Street, Seekonk 
334 Rock Street, Quincy 
16 Russell Street, Arlington 
92 Second Street, Framingham 
Central Street, Foxboro 
398 Ferry Street, Maiden 
161 West Street, Ware 


Phillips, Shirley . 
Pickett, Meredith G. 
Pierce, Bradford I. 
Pottern, Beverly B. 
Powers, Lois . 
Quirk, Marie T. . 
Reekast, Rita Marie 
Repani, Marie 
Rosha, Audrey 
Rosenblatt, Barbara 
Rossi, Lorraine A. 
Rothwell, Joan Anne 
Royce, Harriet 
Russell, Patricia Ann 
Sahlberg, Richard 
Shea, Lois E. . 
Smith, Virginia C. 
Smolski, Chester E. 
Sprague, William K., Jr 
Stanley, Marcia E. 
Staupas, Ruth T. . 
Sullivan, Michael F. 
Szafar, Dorothy A. 
Taylor, James K. . 
Tenanbaum, Miriam 
Thuotte, Warren . 
Tibbetts, Louise M. 
Tobin, Jane F. 
Topham, James L. . 
Topham, Madeleine 
Torrence, Map.jorie E 
Vaughan, Barbara 
Vaughan, William 
Walsh, Albert H. . 
Waters, Ethel D. . 
Weiss, Eugene 
Welch, Rose-Marie 
Wentzel, Margaret Mary 
Whitney, Mary W. 
Williams, Mary Lou 
Williams, Winifred 
Yankopoulos, Mary 

19 School Street, Melrose 
94 Maple Avenue, Bridgewater 
Crescent Beach, Mattapoisett 
170 Prospect Street, Springfield 
22 Riverside Avenue, Gloucester 
28 Moultrie Street, Dorchester 
12 Fairlawn Street, Maiden 
27 Stone Street, Walpole 
15 Sorrento Street, Springfield 
16 Morse Street, Dorchester 
35 Brown Avenue, Roslindale 
170 Grandview Avenue, Somerset Centre 
Main Street, Wales 
65 Brownville Avenue, Lynn 
91 Gordon Street, Ashland 
Forge Village Road, Westford 
1594 Central Street, Stoughton 
16 Pilgrim Road, Marblehead 
65 Cambridge Street, Middleboro 
123 Summit Street, Rockland 
76 Pacific Street, Rockland 
65 Intervale Street, Brockton 
995 Walnut Street, Fall River 
41 Ridgewood Terrace, Easthampton 
372 Johnson Street, Fall River 
102 Belle Street, Springfield 
120 Laureston Street, Brockton 
190 Hillside Avenue, Arlington 
. 244 Park Avenue, Abington 
98 Westminster Street, Hyde Park 
98 Westminster Street, Hyde Park 
57 Coburn Street, East Lynn 
10 Franklin Street, Pittsfield 
. 109 Circuit Road, Medford 
234 Temple Street, West Roxbury 
624 South Street, Roslindale 
12 Pond Street, Greenfield 
54 Van Buren Street, Taunton 
26 Elm Street, Hatfield 
21 Larch Road, Lynn 
79 Union Street, Easthampton 
40 Fair Street, New Bedford 
163 Grove Street, Fall River 

Freshman Directory 

Ackerman, Stewart E. 
Adam, Ann Beth . 
Anderson, Barbara 
Anderson, Ruth 
Andrade, Barbara 
Bachand, Lorraine 
Barrows, Douglas F. 
Barton, Barbara . 
Bates, Donald 
Baynes, Patricia M. 
Beaton, Joan . 
Beaven, Roberta J. 
Bellino, John V. . 
Bep.thiaume, Yvette G 
Bertholet, Shirley 
Boody, Barbara 
Boucher, Helen R. 
Brady, Eileen 
Breen, Janet . 
Brunelle, Thomas E. 
Burke, Anne Marie 
Burke, Jean M. 
Cahoon, Gwendolyn 
Campbell, Walter E., Jr. 

Lafayette Road, Salisbury 

290 Ridge Street, Fall River 

171 Weston Avenue, Gloucester 

240 Summer Street, Norwood 

166 Wheeler Street, Rehoboth 

. Harrison Avenue, Buzzards Bay 

71 Webster Street, Whitman 

48 Quincy Avenue, Quincy 

68 Ellsworth Street, Brockton 

129 North Warren Avenue, Brockton 

Main Street, Wareham 

175 New Boston Road, Fall River 

. 690 Columbia Road, Dorchester 

. 98 South Main Street, Uxbridge 

. 190 Query Street, New Bedford 

Ocean Street, Hyannis 

187 Elm Street, Southbridge 

110 Clinton Street, Brockton 

198 Prospect Street, Norwood 

105 West Spring Street, Avon 

70 Tecumseh Street, Fall River 

164 Myrtle Street, Rockland 

19 Pearl Street, Middleboro 

274 Central Street, East Bridgewater 


Canessa, Roland N 473 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

Cantwell, Ellen C 26 Skahan Road, Belmont 

Cabon, Wilma 265 Neponset Street, Canton 

Charest, Rita G. 1655 Grinnell Street, New Bedford 

Cooper, Robert 56 Highland Avenue, Mansfield 

Corcoran, Ann School Street, Sandwich 

Costa, Antone R Box 44, Somerset Avenue, North Dighton 

Crowley, Mildred J 38 Grant Street, Taunton 

Culhane, Janet G 223 North Washington Street, North Attleboro 

Curtis, Feances T 15 Sigel Street, Worcester 

Curtis, Joanne 88 Progress Street, Abington 

Cushman, Geraldine 11 Chase Avenue, Lexington 

Daley, Marguerite A 350 Cedar Street, New Bedford 

Dallahan, Maureen 25 Endicott Street, Canton 

D'Amelio, Sally A 89 Sanborn Avenue, West Roxbury 

Daniels, Virginia 14 Marland Street, Brockton 

Deknes, Shirley 211 Oak Street, Bridgewater 

DeLisle, Harold F 35 Jackson Street, Taunton 

Donahue, Barbara E. M 89 North Central Street, East Bridgewater 

Donnelly, Ruth 15 Park Street, Norwood 

Dounelis, Marie 2A Hazel Street, Salem 

Dulak, Emily L. C 45 Jerome Street, Berkley 

Dusseault, Alice T 7 Kurts Street, Taunton 

Elliott, Mary T 6 Crescent Street, Medford 

Emord, Joseph L. 36 Patterson Avenue, Brockton 

Faulkner, Donald 224 Whitwell Street, Quincy 

Fearing, Gertrude 521 Main Street, Wareham 

Feinzig, Lillian 117 Howland Street, Roxbury 

Fheeland, Louise E Dudley Road, Sutton 

French, Jean G Box 351, Woods Hole 

Gaffney, Jacqueline 16 Cyr Street, West Bridgewater 

Garvin, Kathleen E 12 Holmes Road, Medford 

Gayton, Lila M. 7 Bentwood Street, Foxboro 

George, Arthur K 2 Union Park, Boston 

Girard, Donald A 1163 Summer Street, Bridgewater 

Goldthwaite, Mildred J Bond Street, Barnstable 

Gomes, Samuel 120 Marion Street, Mattapoisett 

Gorman, Virginia 595 Harvard Street, Fall River 

Gray, Barbara L. 554 Durfee Street, Fall River 

Haman, Paul E Main Street, Wareham 

Hart, John R., Jr. 68 Grinnell Street, Fall River 

Hayes, Anne 205 Sagamore Street, New Bedford 

Herman, Rosalind Lucerne Street, Dorchester 

Hylen, Janet E 177 Nilsson Street, Brockton 

James, Madelaine, Jr 450 Park Street, New Bedford 

Jefferson, Norman W. Spring Street, North Hanover 

Jones, Carol R 65 Beaufort Street, Needham 

Kahn, Bernice 173 Harvard Street, Dorchester 

Katwick, Florence M. 21 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brockton 

Kearns, Mildred 318 Front Street, Weymouth 

Keefe, Ellen L 377 Archer Street, Fall River 

Kimball, Ivaren 7 Norwood Court, Rockport 

King, Nancy High Street, Adams 

Krauchunas, Blanche 14 Enterprise Street, Brockton 

LaSpada, Dorothea 38 Westville Street, Dorchester 

Leconte, Amelia 1175 Main Street, Acushnet 

Letourneau, Mary 88 Staunton Street, Rockland 

Lincoln, William A Kenwood Drive, Rutland 

Linstead, Marie C 227 Park Street, West Roxbury 

Lord, Ronald E High Street, Pembroke 

Lorman, Carolyn E 11 Humphrey Street, Lowell 

Mackenzie, Marjorie J 195 Sargeant Street, Holyoke 

MacKerron, Miriam L 31 Wall Street, Brockton 

MacRae, Lorna J. 36 Winona Street, Brockton 

Madeiros, Grace E 27 Main Street, Acushnet 

Mahoney, Jean E. 454 Massachusetts Avenue, North Andover 

Major, Esther Trinity Avenue, Monponsett 

Manning, Betty L 1203 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow 

Mariani, H. Louise 536 Middle Street, Braintree 

Martin, Rachelle R. 134 Hathaway Street, New Bedford 

Matteson, John 400 Plymouth Street, Bridgewater 

McCarthy, James J 247 Washington Street, Weymouth 

McDonald, Charles F 400 Park Street, Stoughton 


McGaughey, Katherine M 
McGhory, Francis J. 
Melville, Lois 
Merrow, John H., Jr. 
Merten, Michael J. 
Moore, Charles N., Jr 
Morey, Donald J. . 
Morin, Richard L. 
Mowbray, Patricia A. 
Mulcahy, Marie . 
Murphy, Marion . 
Murphy, Patricia Ann 
Neverauskas, Edmund F. 
Nobrega, Irene D. 
Nolte, Gerry C. . 
Noonan, Ellen R. 
Nosiglia, Nancy C. 
Nugent, Joan M. 
Nylen, Helen 
O'Connor, Helen P. 
O'Connor, Nancy . 
Olson, Arthur V., Jr. 
O'Malley, Virginia 
O'Neil, Rita E. 
Orton, Carolyn 
Owen, Alice V. 
Paradise, Eleanor R. 
Patch, Mary 
Paul, Carol . 
Peterson, Leona 
Phillips, Ursula A 
Piantedosi, Aida 
Pinnel, Carolyn 
Pinto, Izaura 
Ponder, Carl 
Prairie, Roger 
Raymond, Shirley A. 
Reardon, Rosemary E 
Remmozdini, Ernest B 
Reilly, Mary Louise . 
Rodenbush, Maureen I. 
Ruddock, Elizabeth L. 
Russell, Sally-Louise 
Salami, Elizabeth A. 
Sanborn, M. Patrice 
Schmidt, Carol G. 
Schofield, Joyce M. 
Schwaab, Carl L., Jr. 
Schwartz, Helen D. 
Segal, Marilyn 
Shaughnessy, Joan M. 
Shea, Alice M. 
Sherman, Jean 
Simmons, Marjorie L. 
Soares, Claire 
Sokol, Rodel G. 
Sprong, Jane B. 
Stevens, Kathleen M 
Stokinger, Richard H 
Sullivan, William B. 
Sylvester, Barbara A 
Tanguay, Elaine L. 
Tate, Shirley A. . 
Tbte, Frances M. 
True, Lois A. 
Tubbs, Jean S. 
Updegraph, Nancy E. 
Van Baal, Eleanor J. 
Veilleux, Arthur G. J 
Whalen, William F. 
White, Judith A. . 
Wilson, Marion C. 
Wymot, Ruth A. 
Zemmel, Eileen 

43 Margaret Street, Dorchester 
105 South Main Street, Randolph 
209 Park Street, South Weymouth 
15 Winter Island Street, Salem 
3 Great Ponce Street, South Weymouth 
195 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater 
628 Washington Street, Abington 
14 Saverip Street, Plymouth 
1456 Dwight Street, Holyoke 
101 Elm Street, Holyoke 
21 Winter Street, Norwood 
113 Lauriston Street, Brockton 
6 Sprague Street, Brockton 
236 Park Street, New Bedford 

25 Park Road, Brockton 
61 Cheever Street, Milton 

180 Hersey Street, Hingham 

4 Parkway, Norwood 

572 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 

34 Benton Road, Somerville 

159 Liberty Street, Rockland 

117 Philips Street, Wollaston 

38 Rosewood Street, Mattapan 
Philips Street, Weymouth 

23 Morse Avenue, Brockton 

Maine Street, Brewster 

83 Aldrich Street, Roslindale 

193 Hersey Street, Hingham 

34 Hastings Street, West Roxbury 

5 Garfield Street, Foxboro 

30 Burtt Street, Lowell 

21 Gaudette Street, Brockton 

38 Fresh River Avenue, Hingham 

39 Deane Street, New Bedford 
317 Maine Street, Bridgewater 

427 Berkley Street, Taunton 

Hawley Street, Taunton 

22 First Street, Taunton 

10 Shawmut Avenue, East Weymouth 

11 Sheridan Street, Taunton 

54 Verne Street, Brockton 

47 Herschel Street, Lynn 

Box 53, Sturbridge 

83 Forest Hill Street, Jamaica Plain 

545 Cohannet Street, Taunton 

4 Jackson Street, Taunton 

398 Lynwood Avenue, Newtonville 

1 Pearl Street, Taunton 

62 Faun Bar Avenue, Winthrop 

92 Bellingham Street, Chelsea 

319 Park Street, New Bedford 

15 Quincy Street, Methuen 

Cushman Road, Rochester 

3 Miriam Road, Brockton 

26 Park Place, Attleboro 
7 Murray Street, Chelsea 

103 Burkside Avenue, Brockton 
43 Cedar Street, New Bedford 
99 Weymouth Street, Holbrook 
195 Grandview Avenue, Somerset Center 
11 Maple Street, Braintree 
63 Everett Street, Middleboro 
199K East Main Street, Gloucester 
4 Darling Street, Nantucket 
Milestone Road, Nantucket 
210 Sandwich Road, Plymouth 
51 Dahside Avenue, Brockton 
58 Fletcher Street, Roslindale 
132 Euclid Avenue, Lynn 
58 Peckham Street, Fall River 
32 Oakdale Street, Brockton 
392 Plymouth Street, Abington 
34 Monadnock Street, Dorchester 
15 Southern Avenue, Pittsfield 



Say it with flowers . . . 

Compliments of 



18 Central Square 


Telephone 937 


Member of Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association 





Shoes Repaired 

Sales— BUICK— Service 

Hats Cleaned 

155 Broad Street 

50 Central Sq. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Tel. Bridgewater 757 


Hardware - Housewares 

Hallmark Cards 


Bridgewater, Mass. 

21 Central Sq. 

Compliments of 


West Bridgewater 



Up to the Minute Motion Pictures 
For the entire family 

Sundays and Holidays Continuous 
Matinees daily at 2:00 P.M. 
Evenings from 6:45 to 11:00 


To the Graduating Class 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

for the Future 



Bridgewater Massachusetts 





Rose Estelle Bradbury, Manager 

14 Beacon Street 
Boston, Mass. 

Member National Association of Teachers' Agencies 

C ompliments 


Incorporated 1872 

— Offices in — 

Bridgewater and West Bridgewater 

"Better Buy the Best" 


Div. of Spaulding Sales Corp. 






to tlti 

I9d9 <=aLL 

c~>aTiienl <~>ti<i(Li 


154 pjoulitvn, <z~>t. 

yeden 16, yVi^ 




120 Boylston St. 
Boston, Mass. 

Marjorie P. Ticknor Women's Dept. 

Louise H. Essery Men's Dept. 

Telephone HAncoek 6-9280 

Member National Association of Teachers' Agencies 

Certified lamps are certified for better 
light, and that means better sight. 
Correct lighting is protection from eye- 
strain. Certified lamps provide it. 

Brockton Edison Co. 


Grace M. Abbott, Manager 

120 Boylston Street 
Boston 16 

Member National Association of Teachers' Agencies 

Compliments of 


48 Central Square 
Bridgewater Mass. 

this booK was printed by 
a firm which has been 
recognized lor quality letter- 
press printing lor more 
than eighty-five years. 


College Annual Publishers 

160 Warren Street, Boston, Mass.